ATX-dyno was established in 2015 as a mechanical engineering company specialized in fine metrology equipment used with control systems of machines and robots in the automotive industry.

Following several special applications, ATX-dyno has positioned itself as a manufacturer of high-quality dynamometers for the fields of automotive industry, agricultural equipment, motorcycles, industrial machinery and motors, where it fully utilizes its years of experience and in-house expertise.

Dynamic growth, new ultra-modern facilities of the ATX Center and our transformation into a precision manufacturing company are the results of successful work in our highly-specific field, which guarantees first-rate skill, with absolute precision and quality.

In addition to maintaining ISO certifications, ATX-dyno places great emphasis on the continuous development of production technologies, quality control, process engineering and after-sales services.


ATX-dyno is a proud and serious partner for your business, with a promise of expertise, precision and quality.